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I Believe in Jesus… Descended into Hell

By JA Show Staff / February 13, 2020

“He descended into hell.” This phrase from the Apostles’ Creed is the subject of much debate. Some say it should never have been included, and others say it’s an important…

I Believe in Jesus… Buried

By JA Show Staff / February 7, 2020

The next word we will look at in the Apostles’ Creed is “buried.” Why is this word singled out in a list of early Christian beliefs?

I Believe in Jesus… Dead

By JA Show Staff / January 29, 2020

Did Jesus die? Of the reality of the death, there is abundant evidence. It is recorded that, after six hours of suffering on the cross, Jesus gave up the ghost.…

Did Jesus Christ have to Suffer at the hands of Pilate?

By JA Show Staff / January 21, 2020

What role does the suffering of Jesus Christ play in the history of salvation? Was it predicted by Isaiah in the Old Testament?

I Believe in Jesus… Crucified

By JA Show Staff / January 21, 2020

When Jesus was crucified, all hope should have been lost. It was al necessary for God’s plan to come full circle.

Iran and Bible Prophecy

By JA Show Staff / January 13, 2020

For the last week, Iran has been the main headline across our nation and the world. First, an Iranian-led group storms the US Embassy in Iraq. Next, the US kills the Iranian general responsible with an air strike. Third, Iran fires missiles at US targets in Iraq. In the process, they shoot down a commercial airplane in Iran from the Ukraine, killing over 170 people.

Conceived of the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary

By JA Show Staff / January 6, 2020

Let’s acknowledge right from the start that the virgin birth of Jesus is a difficult doctrine to wrap your mind around. After all, how many virgins do you know who have ever gotten pregnant – while retaining their virginity?

I Believe… Our Lord

By JA Show Staff / December 31, 2019

At first glance, this line in the Apostles’ Creed may seem fairly insignificant. It’s only two words which could easily be lost or overlooked. But that would be a huge…

Rethinking the Christmas Story – Slightly

By JA Show Staff / December 20, 2019

But as I thought more about it, I think there’s something else about Christmas that needs to be rethought – or at least re-remembered.

I Believe… in Jesus Christ

By JA Show Staff / December 18, 2019

Jesus Christ. First, it should be mentioned that “Christ” is not Jesus’ surname. He was not, as one author put it, “Jesus Christ, the son of Joseph and Mary Christ.”[1] No,…