A New Look at the Baby in the Manger: What the Old Testament Tells us about Why He Came

Christmas rolls around every year. Up goes the Christmas tree, up go the garlands, the snowflakes, the nativity scenes. The baby goes in the manger, the presents go under the tree, and….

But what we forget is that Jesus’ story, the “reason for the season,” if you will, began long, long before Bethlehem. Why did He come to earth? What does His virgin birth mean for me and my life? What do His life, His miracles, His teachings teach me about who God is, and how much God loves us?

We’ll see, through our look at Old Testament types* of Christ, some of the astonishing ways God prepared His people for Jesus’ birth and death. We’ll get a fuller look at who our Savior is, and why His birth in Bethlehem 2,000 plus years ago deserves our celebration.

* If you’re not familiar with the idea of “types,” Jeff Pallansch has written an introduction to the subject for us.

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