Dimensionality Musings

Published 1-2-2020

Scripture unambiguously states that the universe had a beginning: its dimensions of length, height, width, its dimension of time, and the origin of all matter and energy. Physical laws, which we have somewhat humorously dubbed “Rules of the Game” in several past posts, were also set in place by the Creator. No other religious holy book suggests such extraordinary causes and effects. God created “all things,” an alternate meaning of “the heavens and the Earth.” (Genesis 1:1) “All things” embraces the dimensions listed above. The Creator originated the dimensionality of our planetary home and also a suite of physical laws under which living things, especially humans, could thrive. We may be sure that Our Creator designed the most favorable dimensionality and physical laws to govern the behavior of matter and energy for the benefit of humanity.

Several inspired Scripture verses state that God existed “before time began.” Human experience does not instruct us in regard to the qualities of timelessness such as referenced in three startling New Testament letters penned by the inspired writer—the Apostle Paul: I Corinthians 2:7, II Timothy 1:9, and Titus 1:2. The Bible also suggests a timeless future eternity. We may only imagine!


God could have created an alternate dimensionality for every day human existence. The IDH (Interdimendional hypothesis) is a reality for supernatural beings. He is capable of creating, transferring to, and utilizing a dimensionality parallel to ours. The trinitarian God Himself as well as the good and evil angelic beings He created operate in a parallel dimensionality—interdimensional reality—as well as within the current natural dimensionality we now experience. Supernatural beings demonstrate abilities such as appearing suddenly outofnowhere and vanishing equally suddenly. If they commandeer a vehicle such as a UFO, the vehicle could instantly accelerate to warp speed and/or achieve impossibly sharp turns. These beings have abilities beyond those possessed by humans in our present dimensionality and under the physical laws by which we operate.

In the past several years our descriptions of apparent interdimensional capabilities in UAP/UFOs have been documented many times by civilian and military observers using the most technologically advanced equipment as well as ordinary sensory observations. What formerly seemed like science fiction accounts have achieved unquestioned credibility. UAPs are real is the remarkable current media ‘punchline.’ Astrophysicist Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe opened one paragraph of his book on UAPs with the statement that “…Only the Bible unambiguously states that time has a beginning.” He closes the same paragraph with “…God can—and does—exercise cause-and-effect capabilities outside the time dimension of the universe.” (Emphasis mine)

A topic with serious potential for study is the overlap of Newtonian physics, our current operating system, with interdimensionality at speeds approaching the speed of light or under intensely strong gravity. Conditions on enormously large cosmic objects or vanishingly tiny sub-atomic particles may impact us. Physicists have supplied some answers related to general and special relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory. But be forewarned: This is a highly esoteric topic. It is beyond the comprehension of all but the most advanced theoretical physicists (including this writer). Ordinary observers may rest assured that our normal physical experience is governed by ordinary dimensionality of an orderly cosmos in our familiar physical environment. Advanced modern technological discoveries have made our lives more convenient and enjoyable in terms of ease of communication, travel, entertainment, and a host of additional benefits. Modern technologies seem almost miraculous in the benefits they produce, but sometimes a surfeit of modern benefits could deflect us from simpler and more satisfying divine realities. Now we must be on guard against the dangers of materialism.

We close this discussion with a cautionary warning. In God’s wisdom He has permitted fallen angels (demons) to wield some interdimensional power within the world of our familiar dimensions. This power particularly applies when humans willingly submit to the appeal of the supernatural paranormal. Many games, activities, and entertainments of dubious value are promoted owing to their appeal to the fascinating and mysterious. These paranormal activities should be actively shunned. Our last post, “The Malevolent Paranormal” references these activities with a goal to discuss the wide spectrum of paranormal activity in future posts. UAPs, while they consist of a spectacular occult aerial manifestation, may open Pandora’s box to many other activities which are best avoided by wise men, women, and children. 


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