Jesus Christ

I Believe… in the Forgiveness of Sin

By R. L. Wilson / April 14, 2020

Why do we need to have forgiveness of sin? To answer that, first we need to understand just how bad our sin is in the sight of God. It is…

Easter 2020 – The Social Distancing Version

By R. L. Wilson / April 8, 2020

Easter is cancelled this year. Well, not exactly. What we will have to do without is the trappings of Easter—the Easter Egg hunts, the sunrise services, the family ham dinner,…

The Tomb Was Empty

By R. L. Wilson / April 8, 2020

In our current series with Dr. Gary Habermas, he lists 12 facts about Jesus that are accepted by more than 90 percent of even skeptical scholars. One fact that is…

Did Jesus Really Die on the Cross?

By R. L. Wilson / April 1, 2020

As we approach Easter, you will no doubt hear news reports suggesting that Jesus didn’t really die on the cross 2,000 years ago. Some will suggest that someone else—a lookalike—died,…

The Resurrection: Accurately Recorded and Reported

By Dr. Dillon Burroughs / April 1, 2020

Skeptics of the resurrection of Jesus typically attack two key areas: the accurate recording of the New Testament accounts and the accurate reporting of these accounts. In this article, we’ll…

I Believe in Jesus… The Coming Judge

By JA Show Staff / March 25, 2020

The final phrase in the Apostles’ Creed section about Jesus is that He is “coming to judge the quick and the dead.” Quick could refer to those who are still…

I Believe in Jesus… Coming Again

By R. L. Wilson / March 11, 2020

If you had to guess, how much would you think the New Testament talks about Jesus’ second coming? Would it surprise you to know that the second coming is alluded to…

I Believe in Jesus… Seated at the Right Hand of the Father

By R. L. Wilson / March 9, 2020

Michael Bird asks, What is the Old Testament passage that is most quoted or echoed in the New Testament?… the answer is in fact Psalm 110, especially the first four…

I Believe in Jesus… Ascended

By R. L. Wilson / March 9, 2020

The Old Testament book of Leviticus lays out detailed instructions for the High Priest on how he is to prepare and present the offerings to the Lord. The details included…

I Believe in Jesus… Risen!

By JA Show Staff / February 18, 2020

In his book Affirming the Apostles’ Creed, J.I. Packer poses this intriguing question: “Suppose that Jesus, having died on the cross, had stayed dead. Suppose that, like Socrates or Confucius, he was now no more than a beautiful memory. Would it matter?

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