Constant Creation Care

Published 4-18-2015

When we speak of care in any realm we may also address the pre-existing interest level of the caregiver as well as the action of providing the care. Interest level precedes the action of care. Our last post discussed God’s original divine care for his creation as he conceived the plan for the operation of the cosmic order at some point before matter, energy, time and space initially came into existence. Following the full development of the “heavens and the earth” (alternate translation: all that exists) God’s creation care now extends to the operation of the present universe in sustaining its systems to the current moment and into the future. Humans are the beneficiaries of a fully sustained divine universal operational system.

Human projects often exemplify the sequence of divine creation care—original conception (pre-creation care) to current maintenance (sustained care). On a human level, initial care for a project later becomes continuing, sustained care. Of course, the sequence of God’s care from original, pre-creation care to God’s current involvement in terms of sustaining, post-creation care is only somewhat mirrored by human activity. God’s sustaining power in maintaining thousands of optimally operating physical systems is an example of his omnipotence.

Completion of human projects such as culinary skills, gardening, automotive repair, or home building follow a similar sequence of care from original to sustaining. In each of these human projects, effective sustaining care is necessary. The provision of inferior sustaining care is sometimes a common human failing.

Constant sustaining care for the physical systems of our earth is a necessity for fulfilled human life. Since the environmental movement achieved wide acceptance in the last half of the 20th century many societies have sustained their care for the planet quite successfully. Increasing knowledge of Earth’s systems has improved the level of creation care substantially, but imperfectly. Our success in agriculture, medicine, and achieving a high quality of life depends upon how perfectly we adhere to divine wisdom. The commentary on James 3:17, “The wisdom of God is first pure…” generates diverse interpretations, including “of celestial origin, steady, uniform, and consistent.”

The sustaining power of God for our Earth systems has been described by numerous religious authors under topics such as environmental awareness and Natural Theology. Serious physical science textbooks contain detailed treatments of topics such as hundreds of physical constants and laws of nature. To the average layperson in our churches these topics may seem esoteric and inaccessible. Skilled science instructors and pastors work to make difficult topics more understandable. Such topics provide wonderful insights into the omniscience and omnipotence of God the Creator. They may be able to deepen our respect and awe for him.

Physical constants of nature are God-authored blueprints for the operation of the universe. The more we understand the physical constants, the greater their apologetic value becomes and the better we may understand their relationship to spiritual laws. Our blog has endeavored to make clear the mysteries of God-authored physical constants and laws of science in an effort to appreciate the greatness of the Creator/Redeemer who authored them. In the future we will offer additional coverage of laws of nature as they are formalized by physical constants. Meanwhile, here is a post from June 9, 2009 to help us focus on some details of divine creation care in effect today:

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