Learn how the Bible stands tall in the field of “historic” literature, how it continues to be relevant in an ever-changing world, and why it can be trusted.

Biblical Response to Suffering

By Dr. Dillon Burroughs | October 5, 2020

In our series with Dr. Erwin Lutzer called “Pandemics, Plagues, and Natural Disasters: What Is God Saying to Us?”, program three addresses the Bible’s response to suffering. From the world’s perspective, pain is something negative to be avoided or removed. However, God allows difficulties for several possible reasons. Instead of only seeking to avoid pain, the Bible offers other means of responding to suffering.

And Forgive Us Our Debts

By R. L. Wilson | October 5, 2020

The word translated “debts” in some translations and “trespasses” in others, is the Greek word opheilema. Jon Bloom writes at, “Nearly all of the most credible English translations over…

When the Truth Becomes a Lie

By R. L. Wilson | October 5, 2020

As I was reading Erwin Lutzer’s book Pandemics, Plagues, and Natural Disasters, I ran across the sentence, “Simply put, it is not possible to exaggerate how offensive our sin is toward God.”[1]

Our Daily Bread

By R. L. Wilson | September 28, 2020

“Give us this day our daily bread.” The first thing we naturally think of is God’s provision of the daily manna for His people in the wilderness. No doubt you…

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

By R. L. Wilson | September 22, 2020

We’ve talked about God’s kingdom (His rule, His reign) coming; we’ve talked about His will being done. And God’s will (has been and) will be accomplished, both in heaven and…

The Word Became Flesh

By R. L. Wilson | September 17, 2020

And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father), full of grace and truth.…

Are Evangelicals Rejecting the Bible’s Teachings on Gender?

By Dr. Dillon Burroughs | September 17, 2020

A recent Lifeway study reports 1 in 5 evangelicals reject the Bible’s teachings on gender, instead accepting “gender fluidity.” Though 73 percent of American evangelicals disagree gender is a matter…

Hallowed Be Thy Name

By R. L. Wilson | August 25, 2020

To hallow: to make holy, to consecrate (to make or declare something sacred) – Merriam Webster Dictionary. The word “hallow” means to “honor” or “make uncommon”—to “make something special,” we…

Who Are the 144,000 in Revelation?

By Dr. Dillon Burroughs | August 25, 2020

Revelation 7:4 notes a large group of people in the end times that has long been a source of mystery among Bible readers. It says, “Then I heard the number…

The Inscrutable Nature of God

By JA Show Staff | August 17, 2020

In a series we just taped with Dr. Erwin Lutzer, he says this about Martin Rinkart[1], a German pastor who dealt with pretty unimaginable circumstances during the 17th century: “Here…